Complimentary Financial

Plan Review

How long will my retirement last under my current strategies?

What has changed in my life since my last review?

What kind of retirement lifestyle do I want?

Am I overexposed to risk?

The challenges we face in retirement are different than those that our parents faced. With increased market volatility, longer life expectancies, higher taxes, and sky-rocketing healthcare costs, building a robust source of funds for retirement can seem impossible.

Change is constant and it is natural to forget about the impact it can have on your long-term financial goals. Changes that impact your retirement plans can range from stock market volatility and taxation to divorce or the unexpected loss of a job or even worse the death of a spouse. Your financial plan should not be static. Rather, it should be a living document, subject to periodic evaluation.

We are offering a complimentary financial plan review and consultation. A thorough financial review should include all your assets so that your money is working for you when and where you need it. No matter how far you are from retirement—or even if you are currently in retirement—our knowledgeable and experienced team can help.

Our team of licensed financial professionals can assist with investment strategies that will maximize your benefits. We address common concerns such as income planning, retirement, Social Security and the transfer of assets to children and grandchildren – rather than to the IRS.

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